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Microsoft 365 SharePoint

Boost your productivity and increase team collaboration with SharePoint

Online24x7, a certified Microsoft Partner with 10 years of experience in the industry, offers SharePoint Integration services. With our experience, we understand that each enterprise software framework is unique. Therefore, integration challenges are unique, and we put our expertise in action to give our clients integration options that meet their requirements. We also assist in getting customized integration taking into account the unique needs of each business in mind.
When you have SharePoint as your Intranet, then you can expect a smooth workflow with better communication tools, Document sharing tools, and increased team collaboration. The solution is embedded with productive team sites that prove to be an excellent tool for easy access and collaboration among teams. They can easily share data, files, information and allows them to collaborate with great ease both with the on-site employees and with the remote team as well.


With SharePoint, get a single content repository where content is classified and stored with security. Users can easily search for content on different devices even they are offline. Several SharePoint collaboration features allow staying connected while exchanging text and visual content. With SharePoint integration, you can make use of the extended capabilities of enterprise systems and benefit from it. It will be easy to manage the entire business as the integration will be to create a seamless business process workflow. Employees will work more efficiently as they will work on a single integrated system and collaborate, share information easily.

CRM and SharePoint are a powerful combination that gives users a competitive edge to steer ahead in Sales and Marketing. Whether the organization wants to achieve a smooth workflow or want to create a secure and fast communication setup or perhaps construct a streamlined set up of CRM- SharePoint, the solution meets the requirement of a business. This flexible solution can be integrated easily with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other CRM platforms, thus, extending its capabilities and working in sync to give users a great platform to run their business.

We ensure a smooth SharePoint collaboration, which allows employees across the organization to be in sync with each other and work towards achieving the common goals and objectives. Online24x7 offers a seamless collaboration so that co-working becomes an easy task. We eradicate the pain points by understanding the customers' requirements thoroughly.


In simple words, Microsoft office 365 SharePoint services are used for creating websites. The software is embedded with several features and can be significantly customized, makes it the perfect Intranet for business organizations. With SharePoint, users can quickly generate information in an organized way and share them with the concerned teams or the organization to create a free flow yet controlled communication process. SharePoint is a new age web-based management system that makes document management and sharing an evolved process. The solution has a collection of websites through which users can easily carry out document sharing and communication in an organization. It offers an extremely secure environment where employees can interact, share projects, brainstorm on ideas, and collaborate to achieve the desired results.

Overview of SharePoint

Team Collaboration:

SharePoint helps in increasing productivity and streamlines team collaboration with productive team sites. Users can easily share Data, news, files, and relevant information on PCs, Mac, and mobile devices. SharePoint provides access to productive team sites that allows easy sharing of information, documents, and related work. There are team sites available for every project, department, and division.

Timely Information:

Microsoft office 365 SharePoint services act as a smart Intranet that allows easy access to information that users can share within the organization and to external parties. It is a perfect internal website where organizations can make announcements, post projects, tasks, and people can get access to contacts and calendars and get access to information and collaboration on jobs. see more..

Gain knowledge:

Office 365 SharePoint is embedded with powerful search tools with which users can easily find information and gain expertise to make highly informed decisions. Users can expand their knowledge with SharePoint’s productive content management system and conversations in Yammer. see more..

Streamline business processes:

The smart Intranet allows simple tasks from giving notification to approving complex business processes-Forms, workflows, and power Apps, all tools combine to offer a compelling digital experience for the users. Office 365 SharePoint Lists and libraries allow us to create an immersive digital experience.

Our team consists of several Microsoft Certified SharePoint experts. Our SharePoint integration teams will work towards tackling SharePoint challenges with the following services:

  • SharePoint Integration
  • SharePoint Consulting
  • SharePoint Development
  • SharePoint Migration
  • Support & Maintenance
  • SharePoint Managed services

When you are looking forward to getting SharePoint Deployment services, you need to rely on an experienced SharePoint partner, and Online24x7 fits the bill perfectly. The main reason is that we have vast experience of 10 years in the industry, offering the latest solutions to businesses and helping them keep pace with the evolving market. Online24x7 specializes in SharePoint Installation, SharePoint setup, SharePoint Configuration, and SharePoint Support & Maintenance. With a proven track record of successfully deploying and implementing SharePoint, we have gradually become a popular choice of many organizations seeking reliable SharePoint Deployment and Support services.

With more than 2,00,000 happy customers and still counting, organizations depend upon us to leverage their business with the latest technology and reap the benefits to add value to their business. With the assistance of Online24x7, expect minimum downtime and ensure that your business is not hampered by any hurdle that might affect your business in the short term or long run. Online24x7’s experts create a full-fledged strategic plan that encompasses SharePoint services from start to finish. We assess your needs and plan how SharePoint can meet your requirements, and you can achieve maximum ROI.

Our team follows the best practices and adheres to the Guidelines while deploying, installing, and configuring SharePoint while addressing the specific requirements of your business. We ensure that we address any pain points that might arise during the transition process. Thus, we make sure that the SharePoint adoption process is successful, keeping in mind the long-term goals of your organization. We aim to help you adopt SharePoint without risking your existing resources, making the entire process of deployment successful while minimizing any negative impact on your current IT framework.

We also provide SharePoint training and make you aware of not only the core competencies of SharePoint but also ensure that you benefit from the extended capabilities to utilize the solution optimally.

Make Project Management a seamless process with SharePoint Technology Collaborate and deliver projects with higher efficiency

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Application offers a great platform to teams to collaborate on projects and deliver projects with high efficiency. Information can be shared, and the whole team can work in a highly organized way so that the project is completed on time and delivered successfully. Microsoft products are trusted worldwide and support business organizations excellently in achieving their goals and objectives.

SharePoint offers Business various benefits such as using Intranet & Extranet Portals, Document & Records Management, Perfect Collaboration among teams, Document Management, ERP/CRM Management, Enterprise Search, Communication Management, Social Networks, Inventory Management, and Analytics.

Online24x7 is Microsoft Certified Partner who has provided SharePoint Implementation to small, mid-size and large scale companies. We are a leading provider of SharePoint Enterprise Development. We employ the best practices and assist our clients in reaping the benefits of SharePoint that offer an unparallel sharing and collaboration platform to execute Project Management perfectly. Whether its SharePoint site development which requires the expertise of highly trained staff or providing a seamless SharePoint Migration/ upgradation process, we help you leverage your business and Project Management with SharePoint Technology. We analyze your business requirements and offers a solution that let you execute a synchronized Project Management activity for all your projects.

Online24x7 is your perfect technology partner that offers excellent SharePoint Development services. Our Area of expertise include:

  • Microsoft office 365 SharePoint Services.
  • Office 365 SharePoint online
  • Microsoft online 365
  • SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint online
  • Microsoft SharePoint online
  • SharePoint Consulting
  • SharePoint Custom Application Development
  • SharePoint Portal Development
  • SharePoint Online Migration / Up-gradation
  • Corporate Intranet Websites
  • Document and Records Management
  • Business Workflows Development

office 365 sharepoint online.

microsoft online 365.

sharepoint online migration / Up-gradation.

sharepoint 2010 to sharepoint online.

microsoft office 365 sharepoint services.

microsoft sharepoint online.

SharePoint Consulting

SharePoint Custom Application Development

SharePoint Portal Development

Corporate Intranet Websites

Document and Records Management

Business Workflows Development

Our team comprises of dedicated and experienced SharePoint Development team. Our SharePoint specialists work towards meeting the evolving needs of businesses – they build intranet/extranet portals, implement workflows and requirements, developing Communication management, Document Management and other aspects of SharePoint to achieve the excellent capabilities of this application for Project/ Portfolio Management.

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