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Dynamics 365 For Sales & Customer Service An Advancement of Dynamics CRM

Our experienced and trained consultants have worked on Microsoft Dynamics CRM since it was introduced. This vast experience shows up when our consultants help you in identifying the proper license. They can also help you implement Dynamics 365 in the exact proportion as per your business needs. Our experts can address your requirements in Dynamics 365 by making customized Sales & Customer Service Modules with their training and support services and custom solutions.

Dynamics 365 For Your ERP Needs
Dynamics 365 - Business Central
Dynamics 365 - Business Central An Advancement of Dynamics NAV

Our decade-old experience in practicing Dynamics NAV has provided us with in-depth insight into the advanced technologies of Dynamics 365. With vast experience and in-depth understanding of the functionalities of Dynamics 365 makes our expert consultants ideal for implementing Dynamic 365 Business Central in small and medium-sized businesses as per their business requirements.

Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations
Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations An Advancement Of Dynamics AX

Our company has been into Dynamics AX for more than a decade now. We have been practicing with it since Dynamics AX 2009 version came into the market. It proves that we have a profound knowledge of each technology linked to this. When our consultants experience with functionalities and technologies of Dynamics AX and diverse industry exposure, large organizations are bound to grow faster and achieve their business goals using the robust Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations solution.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Increase personal relationship with the customer with this robust tool
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a robust CRM- Customer Relationship Management Software that improves insight into the sales process and increases sales productivity. The user-friendly interface and its ease of working on the cloud give users the flexibility to work anywhere. With Dynamics 365, it is easier for the sales team to access customer information through a mobile device anywhere, anytime.

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Dynamics 365 Marketing

Attract more customers and get the desired results for marketing To attract more prospective clients is always the main aim of every marketing strategy to increase the business revenue. There is a higher probability that people who experienced brand marketing exercise will make a buying decision. With Dynamic 365 customized tools and technology, you can increase the customer engagement rate. Events play a crucial role in marketing, and these events can be bolstered with the right technology support.

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Software Solution Services

Offering efficient services We offer ERP software solutions that automate various processes like on-site customer service, the billing process, etc., which accelerate productivity and achieve optimal proficiency. These automated business processes play a crucial role in increasing revenue and accumulating savings. These highly advanced, quick, and automated services can build a vast customer base by retaining the existing ones and attracting new ones.

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Software Solution Services

Profitable Future To make the business profitable, organisations need to exercise cost control. To save time is to save money. Using the automated tools of Dynamics 365, organisations can streamline operations at all levels. Better online visibility, automated business processes, and superior business management make finances better.

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financial services

Easy and Fast Operations A business consists of many functions: acquiring raw materials, inventory handling, receiving orders, order process, and order fulfilment. With our vast range of solutions for every functional area, you can easily save time and money in all these functions and delivers every project on time.

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Human Resource

Create a perfect balance Human Resource is responsible for connecting people and operations and creating a perfect balance between talent retention and optimization of costs in every organization. Dynamics 365 provides the required workforce insight to build data-driven employee experience across various functional areas of the organization like compensation, compliance, benefits, training and certification, performance feedback, and many others.

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Human Resource
Our Industry Expertise With core expertise in Dynamics 365, we successfully serve different industries and help promote business growth. Our Dynamics 365 Consulting and Implementation services increase customer retention rate and increase revenue. With real-time visibility into business operations, make quick and informed decisions. Ensure operational excellence in every department by streamlining business activities with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Development, innovation, and functional excellence are within reach. Connect all the functions and achieve real-time visibility with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for manufacturing.

Business Challenges
  • Super-effective supply chain
  • People and process integration from top to bottom
  • Setting standards for global competition
  • More requirements and demands from customers
  • Complete assistance for product-related innovation initiatives
  • A company-wide continuous growth in production efficiency and reduction in operational cost
  • Remarkable upgrade in inventory management capabilities and efficiencies
  • Elevate customer service and support
  • Strengthen the internal and external teamwork for greater productivity and competence
Dynamics 365 Features
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) - complicated multi-level BOM with various parts, labor, work centers, materials, and process information.
  • Order management - generate orders, pick up, packing, and dispatch conveniently.
  • Master Planning - impressive scheduling of production so that it could maintain and normalize the daily operating schedule
  • Forecasting - predict the demands with accuracy to increase the products' availability and decrease the inventory cost.
  • Material Sourcing - proper planning for material needs suggests what to buy, fully automated RFQ, and track response.
  • Warehouse Management - arrange the flexibility to manage, pick, pack, ship, and inventory locations across various warehouses.
  • Our highly talented Dynamics 365 business consultants guide the clients to optimize policies like planning for production, material needs, order predictions, and scheduling.

To work more efficiently, Non-profits need a customized ERP solution that guides them for appropriate features that must be developed according to the regulatory demands that deliver on the requirements of contributors and sponsors.

Business Challenges
  • Balancing enterprise's aims with needs and compliance
  • No hindrance in operations even if the budget is less and resources are limited
  • Managing grants and accounting of funds
  • Making critical operations possible
  • Expense control
Dynamics 365 Features
  • Take advantage of financial and contributor insights to make better decisions as per integrated accounting processes.
  • Dynamics 365 can guide you in integrating financial and operational data to get a complete idea or picture of the enterprise.
  • Helpful in saving time by minimizing cost with automated business processes such as constituent/donor management and fund contributors.
  • Automated communications tools help to have effective conversations and establishing a healthy relationship in the member-based organization.

With the help of robust and refined inventory management, better order processing function, and in-built warehousing, Dynamics 365 supports you to handle market oscillations more efficiently.

Business Challenges
  • In the present scenario, with complicated supply chains of goods and ever-demanding customers, distributors have to face extreme pressure.
  • There is a continuous demand for collaboration and reacting promptly towards the rapidly changing market conditions. This is in addition to the burden of increasing the efficiency across the entire value chain.
Dynamics 365 Features
  • Automate business operations like order process, order capture, order selection, packing, shipping, etc.
  • It is now possible to have minute details and accessibility across inventory stocks, buying details, financial insights from multiple sections.
  • Enhance the inventory movements and inventory level to take exact inventory information.
  • Dynamics 365 helps to have an accurate prediction to plan supply and demand processes efficiently.
  • They can easily plan warehouse functions like barcoding, handling goods, and fulfillment of orders more effectively.
  • Integrate application for an ever-growing business
  • Improved customer relationship management feature of Dynamics 365 makes it easy to track records of execution, time of delivery, and demands. It ensures to meet the requirements and enhance the customer relationship.
  • Our several years of experience in the distribution and functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 will improve the supply chain for the customers in the wholesale distribution business

A booming retail market requires better service quality, enhanced customer satisfaction, and the best shopping experience every time.

Business Challenges
  • An ever-growing competition pressure on various sales channels.
  • Ever-increasing demand of customers for instant gratification.
  • A quick balance with ever more demanding customers.
  • A regular innovation is needed to enhance the customer experience.
  • A better and improved system is required covering end-to-end retail operations like POS, sales & marketing, E-commerce, Finance & Supply chain, customer care, etc.
Dynamics 365 Features
  • Enable the omnichannel experience - buying goods in one store, picking it up in other locations, or getting them delivered at customers' doorstep.
  • Redeem points, gift cards, and other promotional offers flexibility for the customers.
  • With better sourcing and replenishment methods, enterprises can build a more efficient supply chain.
  • Automate the processes and get more control over store operations
  • Enhance employee productivity by scheduling, time tracking, and manager dashboards.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the capacity to format EDI transactions to meet your trading partners' specific needs. Exchange your business documents with your business partners in an advanced electronic format using our exclusive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration service for Dynamics 365. Our consultants help our customers convert paper-based documents and processes related to paperwork into an electronic process that reduces processing time.

Our EDI Integration
  • E-commerce design.
  • Establish trading partners and associated routes.
  • File Translation-X12 file mapping as per the requirements of a business partner.
  • Communication scripting to enter VAN/FTP
  • Unified testing of EDI with a business partner.
  • Go Live and post-implementation support.
  • Notifications and Acceptance.
Benefits of our EDI Integration Service
  • Convert paper and paper-dependent processes into streamlining the electronic process and save time for the organization.
  • Minimize the manual work and human errors caused by manual processing.
  • Give better and quick customer service with complete reliability and accuracy
  • Quick and immediate ROI and low maintenance.
Our Dynamics 365 Implementation Methodology

We employ a simple yet effective Dynamics 365 Implementation methodology that helps us meet customer expectations.

dynamic365 process

Step 1Diagnostic

  • Gather the Business requirements
  • Product Evaluation
  • Stake holder identification
  • High level Fit-Gap analysis
  • Deliver a proposal plan with the Cost Estimate

Step 2 Analysis

  • Gather the Functional requirements
  • Perform Fit-Gap analysis and identify the gaps
  • Define Data migration requirements
  • Define integration requirements
  • Perform Risk management analysis

Step 3 Design

  • Functional design document
  • Technical design document
  • Create Data migration templates
  • Prepare UAT scripts for testing

Step 4 Development

  • Complete the development and testing based on the above deliverables
  • Data migration for UAT
  • End user training
  • UAT by end users based on UAT scripts
  • UAT sign off
  • Preparation of production environment

Step 5 Deployment

  • Final configuration of production environment
  • Data migration and verification
  • Creation of Go live plan and Disaster recovery plan
  • End users support process and plan
  • Go-live

Step 6 Operation

  • Project support and maintenance
  • Project analysis
  • Project sign off and closure
Our Dynamics 365 Migration and Upgrade Approach

A proactive approach and our efforts to serve the customers with excellence have made us a popular choice for Dynamics 365 Migration and Upgrade requirements.

Dynamics 365 Migration and Upgrade Approach
Areas we can help

At Online24x7, we excel at delivering the promised results. We address the diverse requirements of organizations for solutions that can help them in streamlining business operations. With core expertise in Dynamic 365 Solutions- we offer end-to-end solutions in various areas that help increase efficiency and achieve operational excellence.

  • License identification and procurement
  • New implementations
  • Quick start implementation
  • Rescue failed implementations
  • Data scrubbing & data migration
  • Integrate disparate systems
  • Complex migrations
  • Building complex APIs
  • Custom reports & dashboards
  • Automated workflows
  • User training & adoption
  • Marketing automation
  • 360-degree view of sales/customers
  • Event management
  • Payment integration
  • EDI integration
  • Invoice and order automation
  • Inventory monitoring & management
  • Centralized payments
  • Production planning
  • Materials requirements planning
  • Forecasting & scheduling
  • Order management
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Trustable Partner of Dynamics 365
A Trustable Partner of Dynamics 365

The experience and expertise of our Dynamics 365 consultants offer you the solutions that provide the capacity to unify business systems and derive the maximum efficiency out of them.

  • An innovator in Microsoft Dynamics
  • A certified Microsoft partner
  • Trained Dynamics consultants with more than a decade’s experience
  • Extensive customer references
  • Extreme cost benefits for the clients
  • Quick implementation and multi-phased implementation approaches
  • Expertise in implementation across various industries.
  • Authorized CSP re-seller
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Benefits of upgrading to Dynamics 365

Any organization's core need is customer satisfaction; all efforts to grow the organization are directly linked with its connectivity with the existing and potential customers. With our intuitive and innovative marketing, sales, and customer relationship measure, build a long-term business relationship with every client.

Improve productivity using workflow and gradually take complete control of every process of your organization. The biggest advantage of Dynamics 365 solutions is that they can be easily adapted to fit the business requirements and optimized to match the organization's processes. With supply chain management, innovative metering capabilities, logistic operations, and more, the business can see a profitable future.

A faster and better process can augment business growth to put the organisation on the fast track. Get Dynamics 365 and achieve better inventory management, enhance operational control, speed up the accounting and ledger modules, systematised accounting process and financial services, streamline the procurement process.

With our ERP assistance, You can now have one unified Energy industry system that can manage all the activities like consumption of units, handling equipment, and managing and maintaining all assets. We provide solutions to manage every project in a better, faster, and more intelligent way. Our solutions empower businesses to handle every activity related to planning, asset inventory updating, project execution, and closure.

We offer customized software solutions for the Energy industry, which enable the companies to run an unhindered employee activity. We help you have better connectivity with e-stores, delivery partners, and other associates for a better process organization. Empower yourself with an organized web intranet portals and experience the smooth flow of operations.

With our ERP software solutions, you can have a better and long-term loyal relationship with the customer. Our applications help to have interactive connectivity between client and company.

Resource Planning and Management should be a priority for the Energy industry as resources available to industries are quite limited such Oil & Gas. Our ERP software solutions guide the industry to face this challenge and increase productivity and efficiency with allocated resources

The built-in intelligence and extended capabilities of our ERP solutions can make employees work more efficiently and achieve the desired goal faster.

Dynamics 365 is ideal for companies because it is flexible and helpful, but it is also scalable. It gives you solutions that can evolve your business in line with your requirements.

Make your business grow Let’s discuss your project and find out what we can do to provide value.