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To keep the business running, it is extremely important that sale yields revenue. Profits have to be earned from sales to cover the cost of operations and other expenses. The sales department has to achieve its targets to earn revenue. This revenue not only meets the expenditure of the company but efforts are also made to plough back a part of the profit for reinvestment. A good sales mechanism keeps the organizations running successfully, thus, the sales and marketing activities have to be planned meticulously.

Sales and Marketing

Online24x7 provides robust ERP Solutions for Sales and Marketing. Lead management is taken care by our Sales ERP which provides support for efficient tracking of the customers’ contacts. The software helps in conversion of leads into sales, by helping the sales personnel to keep a vigilant eye on the sales process staring from opportunity generation to the closure of the deal. The quality of the leads can easily analyse and thus a lot of time and energy is saved. The sales staff can concentrate on prospective leads and generating sales.

  • The software automatically generates all kinds of orders namely quotation-based orders, direct orders and consignment orders.
  • It facilitates easy management of the orders, big and small and track service orders with high level of accuracy.
  • The software helps in tracking of the pending shipments and that which have to be made on the same day.
  • It also keeps a track of the advance payment and records payment status for all orders.


Our ERP Sales assists organizations to streamline various processes ranging from planning for shipments to the delivery of the products at the customers’ doorstep. It also consists of pack slip interface which quickens the process of product delivery.

  • The software assists companies in gaining a centralized control of all the shipping activities.
  • It prioritizes customer orders and assists in successful planning of the shipment process.
  • The software solution has a simple user-interface which requires minimum data entry. Management of the different processes such as creating pack slip, allocation and issue of materials from inventory to its shipment to the customer’s doorstep are made easy.


Our Industry Solutions for Sales consists of an Exports tool which creates automatic documents such as credit details, commissions, FOB value calculations, bill of lading details, creation of etc. –pro-forma & commercial invoice etc. This feature helps in catering to the customers efficiently across the globe.

  • The export tool helps in successful management of global sales.
  • Export orders can be delivered with precision and helps in compliance with different formalities easily.


It is important to retain customers to our get repeat business. To achieve this objective, providing after-sales services with great efficiency is vital. Our software solution takes care of the after-sales service requirements of the customers by providing a number of tools and methods required for efficiently dealing with customer complaints. Various after-sales service such as replacement of faulty goods, carrying out AMC –Annual Maintenance services are carried out on timely basis.

  • The software solution helps in establishing a great relationship with the customers.
  • Customer complaints and grievances can be dealt with efficiently.


The Customer Portal of our Industry Solutions for Sales enables the clients to get information about the supply chain and raise queries. They can order goods, know about their status order, shipment details, billing history, order history can be known with great ease on the easy-to-use interface of the customer portal.

  • The portal allows customers to access their information anytime, from anywhere.
  • Clients become aware and can make well-informed decisions through the transparency gained in the flow of information between them and the organizations.


The customer is the focal point of any business towards which all business activities are diverted. With the help of our CRM tool in our ERP Solutions for Sales and Marketing on cloud, organizations can come to know about the likings and preferences of the customers. Moreover, information can also be gained about the areas which need greater attention to acquire customers. The sales department can be managed accordingly and strategies tweaked after gaining a clear insight into the flaws that might be present in the marketing strategies. Revenue generation opportunities can be spotted and as a result revenue can be increased.

  • Hierarchy Management

    • The Hierarchy Management tool defines the entire sales organization structure and the different levels of hierarchy. This provides a clear stance of the position of the team.
    • The performance of the sales department can be monitored and the sales strategies can be reviewed to make them more productive.
    • After analysis of the performance of the sales team, appropriate guidance can be provided to achieve the desired results.
  • Event Management

    • The software helps in taking accurate decisions regarding high quality leads and follow-up till the closure of the deal.
    • Cost-benefit analysis can be made on the recorded leads.
  • Lead Management

    • This feature allows assessing the quality of the leads and further records the remarks.
    • It helps in the conversion of the sales into opportunity and in the assignment to the sales staff.
    • The lead-to-closure cycle time is reduced.
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