Refund Cancellation Policy



The products listed on the website are fully functional and can be purchased and downloaded. A trial period is offered to let the users use the product before they buy it. With our Free Trial periods, the users can be assured of the offerings and quality of the product before making a buying decision.  


It is advisable to use the trial period to ensure that the product meets your requirement before becoming a licensee. All the software is fully functional during the trial period, and the user does not have to register for activating its primary functionality.  Our services start from 5k and go up according to requirements.


After receiving the payment for becoming a licensee to the product, the license period will start, activating the subscription period. It is noteworthy that once the license is activated, no refunds will be made. As per our Refund Policy, the buyer is not liable to get any refunds after the purchase has been completed and payments received by the company. 


Our Customer care team is available via email and chat/ phone to assist in installing and configuration the software. It is highly recommended to test the trial version before making a buying decision. 



The company is not liable to pay any refund once the purchase process is completed. To help users make an informed buying decision, we provide a trial period that offers them ample opportunity to evaluate their use and the software. No refund will be made once a purchase has been completed. The purchase made is non-refundable and non-transferable.

In rare circumstances and only within 30 days of purchase, we can issue a refund in the following case:

  • Non-functionality of the Software due to technical issues or platform incompatibilities.


Requirements for the Refund: 

  • The licensee should provide elaborate information/ evidence supporting the claim of refund.
  • Licensee should provide
  • Order Details-

·          Order Number 

·          Date of transaction

·          Purchase code,

·          Company Details

·          Number of Licenses Purchased



Conditions for Refund:

If we find your claim to be correct and if you have made the request for the refund within 30 days of the purchase, you should submit to us an email from your company's official Email ID or letter of destruction of on-premise software on your company letterhead. Refund will be credited in 5-7 working days or as per payment gateway policy.


We are not responsible for any communication issues arising due to lost, delayed, or misdirected mail or email, delays in downloading, or any other communication system delays.



Acceptance of this Refund Policy

It is the sole responsibility of users to go through the Refund Policy and make themselves aware of the terms and conditions mentioned in it. By placing the order for the product, it is understood that the users have read the Refund Policy, agree, and fully accept the terms and conditions mentioned in this Refund Policy. 


It is advisable that if the users do not agree with or fully accept the terms of this refund policy, they should not buy the product. 

Please contact customer care support at +91-8377-0000-99 You can email us at Support@Online24x7.Net to get an instant resolution to your queries.