ERP for Trading Industry

Be the undisputed leader in the market; expand the geographical boundaries of your business

Every trader wants to serve the customers with efficiency and provide them maximum satisfaction. In order to increase the customer base and grab the maximum market share, it is imperative for business organizations to keep a vigilant track of market strategies in real-time. Our software solutions for the trading industry are equipped with advance capabilities that provide information in real time and keep the traders updated of the developments that keep emerging in the market. Real-time view is provided of the business operations and thus efforts can be made on time to remove the glitches, if any, occurring in the business processes. With the help of our software solution, business operations can be tracked with great ease and the performance can be known. The productivity can be improved and decision making process can be made quick and proactive to grab every revenue generation opportunity.

With the assistance of our ERP for Trading, business process can be put on a fast-track and geographical boundaries can be expanded to grab newer market share. For expansion plans surpassing geographical locations, many strategic moves to be made such as sourcing while achieving cost advantages, taking care of the price difference in different countries/states, getting real-time visibility of the shipping process and may more that are needed to get the best results from doing business successfully in different locations. Our software solutions are robust and help traders in achieving a high rate of business growth.

Manage leads efficiently
Get updated information on leads and their quality, ensure high rate of conversion

It is important to achieve a certain business growth and meet the demands of the customers. With our Software Solutions for Trading, leads can be managed efficiently and demand data can be managed in an organized manner.

  • It helps in gaining understanding of revenue generation and follow-up procedures to achieve the goal of closure of the deal.
  • The software helps to understand the lead numbers and their quality.
  • With the help of the software, the company can perform opportunity reviews on a periodic basis.
  • To stay in business, it is important to be aware of the competition and tweak strategies accordingly. The software facilitates making changes in the sales and marketing approach to gain the maximum advantage.

Merge multiple sales themes
Ensure efficient management of various sales themes, provide great customer satisfaction

Expansion plans in different geographical locations require a robust and a flexible software solution that can bring together multiple sales themes and assist in providing the best customer service. With Our ERP for Trading, multiple sales themes can be executed by using the required workflows and approvals.

  • The sales data at warehouse/ branch levels can be tracked easily.
  • Various functions such as regular Item, Consignment, Drop ship, Bill & Hold, Stock Transfer and other sales types can be performed systematically.
  • A systematic approach towards discounts can be adopted taking into consideration the various pricing in different locations.
  • The software assists in complying with the tax rules & regulations of different counties and arriving on correct calculations.
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