Retail industry Overview

It is a herculean task for the retailers to thwart the challenges that have emerged due to increased awareness among the buyers. Companies have to ensure that customers get the best shopping experience and after sales service to retain them. The retail industry realizes the fact that to ensure the loyalty of the clients is related to the loyalty of the workforce and their efficiency. Thus, to make sure that the customer is happy, the employees should be satisfied at the workplace and gain optimum level of efficiency in their respective job profiles.

To sustain the interest of the employees, it is important to place effective communication channels in place so that free flow of communication takes place among different levels of hierarchy. Identification of the best performing employees, online peer discussions, free professional support, social forums etc. are some of the ways through which employee satisfaction can be achieved. In today’s digital age, interactive mobile applications are being provided to create a stimulating work environment and increase efficiency of the workforce.

Retail industry trend

The requirement of the workforce of the retail industry is calculated by the square feet of the retail space. Changes are made according as and when required. The employers continuously need to assess the professionalism and personal conduct of the employees to ensure better interaction with the customers. The retail industry is increasingly realizing the fact that the motivation and interest of the employees plays a key role in the process of achieving their sales target.

Imperatives for hr (talent acquisition & development)
Talent acquisition & development

  • It is important to create and maintain a relationship between the employee and the brand (organization).
  • Training requirements need to be identified to provide adequate knowledge and training of the workforce for seasonal needs. Store-wise targets need to be created to measure the performance of the employees.
  • Parameters should be set as to define the behavior of the staff with the clients.
  • Needs of different type of workforce, permanent, temporary, contingent and seasonal should be identified.

Compensation & benefits

  • Incentives and reward system should be put in place to motivate employees.
  • Integration with payroll and time management system should be automatic. The employees should be rewarded for successful conduct.
  • Training should be conducted on a regular basis to update the knowledge and equip them with new skills.

Employee empowerment

  • Surveys of employee satisfaction should be conducted on a regular basis to identify any gaps.
  • Staff suggestion should be encouraged to sustain the interest of the employees and make them feel more participative of the decisions of the organization.
  • Life Event Reporting should be encouraged

Statutory & compliance

  • Organizations should conduct audits and surprise checks on staff to learn about their behavior at the workplace.


We offer a competency model in our ERP for retail that helps businesses in defining the model business conduct
Our software solutions for retail consists of an efficient Time Management system for all levels of hierarchy.
The software solution helps in tracking live events of the employees. For instance, the number of leaves taken by an employees and the repetition of a reason to justify the leaves.
Our software solution automates the recruitment process.
The software solution makes it easy for the Human Resource Department to sourcing the human capital from various sources, online and offline.
Our ERP for retail propagates an easy on-boarding process. The formalities for pre and post joining are automated quickly to enable the employees to blend with the working environment soon and to ensure that he is able to contribute with his efficiency in his job profile as early as possible.
The software consists of the Behavioral Appraisal process which enables Talent Managers to know about the results of audits on the employee’s model of conduct.
With the help of the software for retail, the human management personnel can automate the different processes involved in the Training & Administration. They can easily set up the training calendar and program, record their attendance etc.
The software solution helps Talent Managers in identifying successful performers and rewarding them appropriately. Further they can link the results to Payroll.
Accurate results can be derived in computation of salary and benefits in shorter period of time.
  • The ‘Employee Survey Feature’ in our ERP for retail ensures that employees are able to put across their views and opinions in front of their employers.
  • Our software solution is comprehensive in scope. It automates data pertaining to employee conduct and behavior.
  • The software has an easy-to-use interface. The data is presented through charts which provides for an easy decision making process.
  • The software consists of the advance feature of ‘Context Aware’ which identifies the user and his usage patterns.
  • The software acts as a Self Service which is available on mobile devices.
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