Get a comprehensive Health Management Information System
Provide Better Healthcare and experiences

Modernize the Healthcare Journey with Microsoft's Health information management system

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is a modern health management information system that enables healthcare professionals to manage data effortlessly and improve the patient experience by achieving operational efficiency. The hospital information management system helps them scale large amounts of data while keeping data security, compliance, and interoperability intact.

Improve Patient engagement
Seamless data flow ensures a connected process of patient improvement and delivers better health outcomes.
Improve Collaboration
Simplify complex workflows by empowering the team to coordinate better and securely with the health information management program.
Gain invaluable data insights
Ensure quality improvement by connecting clinical and operational data in the Microsoft healthcare system. It helps to foresee risks and mitigate them with immediate effect.
Protect Health Data
Protect sensitive data and keep the patients' privacy secure while meeting the changing compliance requirements with Microsoft cloud for Healthcare

Customised Patient-Care Programs
Create Customised Patient-Care Programs

Enable patients to self-access care and communicate directly and easily with the Health Teams. Automate routine tasks to provide high patient satisfaction. Introduce a high level of transparency into the care process.

Offer Personalised Experiences

Enable patients to be fully aware of their wellness journey by providing secure and personalised experiences. It helps them to keep a tab on their health journey and make informed decisions.

360- degree view of patient data
Get a 360- degree view of the patient data.

Quickly analyse each case data, enabling the medical staff to work collectively on the most appropriate treatment to provide high customer satisfaction.

Provide virtual care services

Introduce emerging technologies such as AI into healthcare. Expand the ambit of medical specialties with AI-Health bots and virtual assistants.

Building Efficient Team
Make Teams More Efficient

Provide high patient satisfaction by increasing the health Team Collaboration, simplifying the complex process, and initiating a quick decision-making process. Streamline workflow management by making teams more productive.

Improve Collaboration and Communication

Streamline the patient care journey by organizing the care activities and timely communication of the correct information to the concerned staff.

Enable clinicians and staff to share information effortlessly and collaborate easily

Promote Team collaboration to improve performance, streamline the wellness journey and drastically reduce the time-to-treatment.

Monitor patients remotely, provide patient care anywhere and anytime.

Easily monitor the entire patient healthcare journey- patient care, recovery, and rehabilitation. Monitor patient care activities, provide consultation for chronic illnesses, and provide high patient satisfaction.

health results
Achieve better health results

Unify data and patients from different systems. Get in-depth insights to foresee challenges, mitigate risks, speed up the decision-making process and achieve better health outcomes.

Connecting health data using HL7 FHIR
Connect your health data using HL7 FHIR

Explore and create new opportunities with data insights via analytics and emerging technologies such as Machine Learning. Get actionable with AI in the health data.

Clinic ED Overview
Utilise Actionable Data to insights to improve health team efficiency

Use AI-driven predictive analytics, get actionable data modeling insights, anticipate risk, and make better decisions.

Clinic Dashboard Overview
Improve Health Care management, increase operational efficiency

Get higher operational efficiency by unifying workflows of duties of the doctors, medical staff, and administrators. Get actionable insights into cross-department operations and increase efficiency.

Improve Security Structure and compliancy
Improve Security Structure and compliancy

Adopt a comprehensive security and data privacy approach that ensure an uninterrupted workflow leading to the best patient care.

Cyber Defence Operations center
Security against data breach

Protect Data Breach and keep sensitive patient data and privacy intact.

be industry complaint
Be industry complaint

Keep pace with the challenging and dynamic regulatory environment. Use intelligent solutions to meet compliance obligations.

Complete Control of Data
Complete Control of Data

Keep data secure and be assured that the data usage is in sync with the patient care objectives.

MS Health information management technology

Microsoft Health information management technology includes-

  • Configurations, connectors applications dedicated to Healthcare
  • Robust Technical Support
  • 24x7 access to unlimited technical resources
  • Access to the extensive framework of the hospital information management system
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